Highlight: 5 Startups Making Sustainable Foods

Highlight: 5 Startups Making Sustainable Foods

Sustainable & low-calorie foods are a hot topic in the startup world at the moment, as the demand for these foods is growing and growing. Here's a closer look at 5 brands that have taken a stand to make more sustainable foods.

1.ZIRP Insects

ZIRP Insects, an Austrian startup, is busy creating insect-based foods that are attractive for European customers. Insects are extremely rich in protein and taste good too, offering a sustainable alternative to classic meat products as well as new flavours for your meals.

2. Waterdrop

waterdrop's sugar-free granulated drink cubes quickly dissolve in water, making a low-calorie drink. Fruity flavours like pomegranate- goji berry- schizandra or lime-baobab-acerola not only taste good, and also help to reduce your daily calorie intake while keeping you hydrated. The drinks also contains valuable vitamins and minerals. Best of all, the lightweight packaging can easily be taken on the go, so you have a delicious drink at hand whenever you need it. The light packaging also ensures that less resources are needed to transport the products, reducing the brand's carbon footprint.

3. Beetgold

Every year, 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away, including 8.6 million tonnes that are tossed out in Germany alone. Beetgold is a startup dedicated to producing high-quality foods from vegetable pomace, a by-product of the vegetable industry. A unique production process turns this vegetable pomace into delicious and healthy whole vegetable wraps, tortillas and flatbreads out of ingredients that would otherwise end up in the bin.

4. air up

air up products are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a healthy, natural way to drink water. Their scented pods flavour water without adding sugar, calories or additives. The pods offer a low calorie, low-waste solution to creating a delicious drink.

5. Revo Foods

Revo Foods is a Viennese startup that opposes overfishing and offers a plant-based alternative to salmon. The delicious vegan salmon consists of 100% plant-based materials, and ensures that you don't feel left out at brunch.


These startups are undeniably contributing to a more sustainable future. Through their commitment to healthier and more environmentally-friendly foods, they set a great example for living a sustainable lifestyle.