mamo pet sports

mamo pet sports

Freedom of movement for you and your pet - met the 360° rotating dog leash belt!

This Austrian startup based in Leoben specializes in developing innovative, high-quality equipment for outdoor-loving dog owners and their four-legged friends.

The story behind mamo pet sports :

Daniel Thonhofer founded mamo pet sports in 2017, saying "Our goal was clearly defined from day one - we want to share our enthusiasm for dogs, nature, and sport. Our products should make your daily experiences with your pets safer, more comfortable and more fun". Thonhofer came up with the idea to revolutionise dog leashes and harnesses based on his own experiences with his dog, Lilly.

Turning passion into a job:

After three years of development and countless tests, Thonhofer develioed the 360° Infinity Belt System at the end of 2020. “Lilly and I are lucky that we were able to turn our passion – being active in nature – into a profession,” says Thonhofer.

The world's first Infinity Belt System with 360° functionality :

The unique 360° function of this belt offers you optimal control in rugged terrain. The hanging leash between your body and your dog's body prevents you from getting tangled in the leash and helps reduce the risk of falls.

The least also features a quick release function for emergencies, a connector for two dogs, a pocket in the back area and the option of using the leashes without a hip belt. The hands-free function also helps you set your pace and keep your balance. The leg straps can also be removed for more comfort. Whether you're walking, running, or mountain climbing, the leash allows you to turn 360° around while keeping your dog safely tethered to you. Discover the difference this belt makes today!