– fair fashion with love

The beginnings:

In 2012, Sissi Vogler, the founder of REFISHED, took some time out and went travelling through Asia. Everywhere she went she saw colourful fish-food and cement bags. This inspired her to use this robust material to make bags, backpacks and accessories. Her first collections #CEMENT and #FISH were launched in 2013.


The REFISHED collections are created through upcycling, the transformation of waste material into new products. The different collections make use of used fish-food bags, cement sacks or, for example, old museum flags. The materials are extremely robust, making them ideal for upcycling. This means there is no need to produce new material for the products - plus, unnecessary waste is removed from the environment!

Each piece is lovingly handmade under fair conditions, making each item truly unique. The label tells the customer who made the product and where. The most important principle is that production always takes place where the material is sourced. The #CEMENT and #FISH collections are made in a social workshop in Cambodia, while the #FLAGS collection is made in a sewing shop in Vienna. Her Austrian team has a special place in her heart - her mum Isolde is a designer and has been on board since the beginning, supporting Sissi with product development and new designs.

"I want to bring about a change in thinking, away from non-transparent mass consumption towards purchasing decisions made with an understanding for fairly produced fashion featuring exceptional designs. One day we should be able to take it for granted that creating consumer goods does not cause anybody harm."

Sissi Vogler, founder of REFISHED

The products:

The product range includes purses, totes, weekend bags and a cool backpack. The it piece is the SOULMATE bag: it features a classic shape, available in several designs and limited editions - almost every Fishy fan has at least one.

Refished fishing continues:

REFISHED is available in over 50 boutiques in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Belgium and Romania, as well as in various online shops. A major highlight for founder Sissi Vogler was the opening of REFISHEREI, her first boutique in the heart of Vienna. In the future, the young entrepreneur wants to grow sustainably and look for recyclable fabrics in other countries. Her aim is for consumers to know exactly which people and places are behind a product.