The startup revolutionising chilli sauce

Over the last few years, TOM'S HOT STUFF has revolutionised the world of chilli products. Tommy Hlatky founded the company in Klagenfurt, Austria, and is now known both at home and abroad for his global award-winning chilli sauces with an exceptional fruity taste.

"We wanted to totally reinterpret chilli sauce as a product, as many people have a completely wrong understanding of it, often fearing that chilli sauce will ruin their meal. Our products are fantastic for cooking, dips or garnishing. You could describe them as hot spice blends in liquid form that can be used like vinegar, oil, salt or pepper in the kitchen. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?"

But what sets TOM'S HOT SAUCES apart from conventional chilli sauces from the supermarket?

Tom explains that it is down to the ingredients and how they are processed. A central aspect is an extremely fruity vinegar, which serves as the sole, natural conservative - this is combined with 100% pure fruits - fruits, vegetables, chillies - that create a full-bodied and fruity taste, where the spiciness is only felt at the end and sits pleasantly on the palate. Carefully selected spices add the finishing touch.

"The perfect chilli sauce has a full, balanced taste, in which each ingredient has its place, enriching but not overwhelming the final product." The hot sauces are free from artificial additives, colourants and extra sugar. And of course the products are entirely vegan - and all chillies are 100% grown in Austria!

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