From students to entrepreneurs - the Saturo story:

Nutrition should be the fuel that helps us achieve our personal goals. But instead of making us more efficient, it all too often slows us down and prevents us from developing our true potential. This was also the experience of the two Saturo founders Joerg Hauke and Hannes Feistenauer. Looking for a way to eat a balanced and affordable diet, Hannes put together his own powder meal while studying in 2016. Joerg also made use of meal replacement products as a student - primarily to boost performance. When the two fellow students met a year later, it was a perfect match. Their business idea was born: Saturo, a ready-to-drink complete nutrition product that enhances performance and supports a balanced diet. This made the two founders the first in Europe to launch ready-to-drink complete-food products.

The products:

From 100% vegan meal replacement drinks and snack bars to the world's first personalised complete foods, Saturo provides everything your body needs and makes following a balanced diet quick and easy.

The products include:

  • Sufficient protein & healthy fats
  • Complex carbohydrates
  • Fibre
  • All 26 vitamins and minerals

They are free from:

  • Refined sugar
  • Colourants
  • Palm oil
  • Preservatives

What products does Saturo offer?

1. Meal replacement drinks:

The vegan Saturo meal replacement drinks are available in 2 sizes (330 ml and 500 ml) and in a total of six flavours:

330 ml-drinks:

500 ml-drinks:

Each meal replacement drink contains everything you need for a balanced diet. They feature a balanced mix of plant-based proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats so you feel satisfied for longer. They also contain all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. Dietary fibre also ensures long-lasting satiety. Meal replacement drinks are a healthy alternative to junk food and the perfect option for when you're out and about or grabbing a quick lunch break.

2. Powders:

The Saturo powder comes in two varieties:

  • Saturo Powder - Vegan
  • Saturo Powder - Whey

and in six flavours:

Like the meal replacement drinks, the Saturo powder contains a balanced mix of protein, complex carbohydrates, all 26 essential vitamins and minerals, fibre and healthy fats. The powder is also sugar-free. It can be made into a complete meal in no time and is flexible in size, making it ideal for when you're short on time.

3. Bars:

The Saturo Complete Bars come in 3 different varieties:

The bars are vegan and free from refined sugar. They provide the body with everything it needs - from proteins and complex carbohydrates to all 26 important vitamins and minerals and healthy fats - for a power boost between meals.

Saturo: a sustainable way to eat:

The founders of Saturo are also fully committed to sustainability. All products are vegan or vegetarian and the company makes use of sustainable packaging. The meal replacement drinks come in Tetra Paks made largely of renewable raw materials, and the lid and coating are also plant-based. The long shelf life (unrefrigerated for up to twelve months) also prevents food waste.