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Mild cleansing foam instead of wet wipes

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ProctyClean® PopoLino is a gentle cleansing foam and is an eco-friendly and skin-friendly alternative to wet wipes. The foam cleans, moisturises and soothes the sensitive skin of the bottom. Mild cleaning surfactants with skin-soothing aloe vera, witch hazel, bergamot and nourishing vitamin E provide a pleasantly clean feel. Regular toilet paper turns into a wet wipe with just one pump!

  • ProctyClean® PopoLino is a mild cleansing foam for cleaning the bottom area and replaces conventional wet wipes.
  • Thanks to special active ingredients, it gently and effectively removes germs.
  • ProctyClean® PopoLino can be used after every visit to the toilet because of its gentle and soothing formulation.
  • Long-lasting, clean feeling.
  • Eco-friendly, skin-friendly alternative to wet wipes.
  • Very economical: 1 pump is enough for each use

  • ProctyClean® PopoLino cleansing foam cares for and protects the sensitive skin of the bottom.
  • Using ProctyClean® PopoLino cleansing foam needs only toilet paper which is biodegradable as opposed to wet wipes which are among the top 5 sources of household waste.


Shake before use. Spray ProctyClean® PopoLino on dry toilet paper, clean the anal area and pat dry. For external use only.

  • Just 1 pump of ProctyClean® PopoLino turns toilet paper into a wet wipe.
  • 100% Made in Germany. Dermatologically tested.
  • Contents of one ProctyClean® PopoLino bottle: 150 pumps.
Country of Origin: Austria
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