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Designed in France, the Withings smart scale uses multiple sensors to create a comprehensive picture of your body to help you achieve your ideal weight and fitness goals. At each weigh-in, the high-precision scale sends a safe, low-amplitude electrical current through your body that measures the body's tissues' resistance to that current. Thanks to this bioelectrical analysis, the scale provides information regarding the fat, muscle mass and total water content of your body.


  • Displays body composition information: fat, water, muscle & bone mass
  • Weight
  • Wi-Fi syncing with the Withings app
  • Nutrition tracking
  • Define your goal weight
  • Local weather forecast
  • Virtual memory and device memory

Body Composition:

A healthy weight is reflective of a healthy lifestyle, but numbers aren't everything. Understanding the composition of your body helps you understand what the number you see on the scale means.

  • Muscle mass:

Regular exercise often leads to weight gain because muscle is denser than fat. Therefore, the smart scale can be used to determine whether an increase in weight can be attributed to muscle gain.

  • Body fat:

Body fat is an important part of the body, but excess fat can be a risk factor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. The relationship between weight and body fat is important for better health.

  • Total body water:

Understanding how hydrated you are can help you prepare for a workout and check if you are staying hydrated.

  • Bone mass:

Although bone mass does not vary very much in the short term, long term changes can be an indicator of illness.

BIA method (bioelectrical impedance analysis)

This method determines the composition of your body by sending a safe, low-amplitude electrical current through your body, measuring your weight, body fat and water content as well as muscle and bone mass.

  • Managing your weight can be motivating:

The Withings app helps you analyse your history and plan for the future!

  • Instant weight display:

By weighing yourself every day, you'll see the real effects of the smallest lifestyle changes, helping you stay focused.

  • Individual health insights:

The Withings app highlights relevant data for your health and provides a scientifically based interpretation of this data based on your body composition.

  • Compatible with 100+ apps:

Efficiently sync your weight & body composition data with +100 favourite apps & fitness programs.

Technology you can trust:

Technology you can trust. Thanks to years of experience, user feedback and modern research, the scale impresses with exceptional reliability, ease of use and durability.

  • Position check:

Patented Position Assist and Position Control technology automatically adjusts measurements based on WiFi location to account for gravity and provides on-screen visual cues if you are off-centre and centred on the scale

  • Automatic user detection:

The scale automatically recognizes up to 8 different users based on the difference in weight and body composition.

  • High-precision sensors:

Using powerful load cell circuitry, Body+ delivers highly accurate measurements down to 0.1 kg.

  • Long battery life:

The smart scale runs on four standard AAA batteries (included) for up to 18 months.

  • Connection via WiFi:

Unlike many smart scales that can only connect via Bluetooth, Withings syncs via WiFi, providing a stable connection for automatic syncing. This means you don't need your mobile phone close to the scale to get a good read.


Track all your data, activities, sleep, weight and much more and get an overview of your progress and improvement.

  • iOS (iOS 14 and above) & Android (8.0 and above)

Virtual memory and device memory:

Store your weight measurements online indefinitely. If wireless synchronization is not possible, up to 16 measurements are stored.

Technical specifications:

  • Wireless sync
  • WLAN 802.11 b/g/n, compatible with WEP/WPA/WPA2 networks
  • Bluetooth Smart Ready
  • Power supply: 4 x 1.5 V alkaline batteries (AAA)
  • Battery life: Up to 18 months
  • Particularly sturdy platform made of tempered glass
  • Paint-free housing
  • Dimensions : 327 x 327 x 23mm
  • Integrated display (6x4 cm with 128x64 px)
  • High contrast lighting
  • Units of measurement: kg, lb, st lb
  • Four weight sensors
  • Weighing range: 5 -> 180 kg (9 -> 396 lb)
  • Withings App for iOS (iOS 14 and higher) & Android (8.0 and higher)

Country of Origin: France
Brands: Withings

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